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our mission


exists to deliver meals to the hungry, putting God’s love into action.

FOOD FOR OUR JOURNEY is a faith-based initiative which utilizes a food truck to deliver food to the hungry, thus removing the travel requirement for those who are not mobile.

This problem is inherently present for those who are food insecure and are unable to access the fixed meal distribution locations during the hours when meals are being distributed, leaving them hungry and in desperate need of food.

FFOJ serves seven days a week, building relationships with our street friends allowing trust to develop where they feel safe to share with us their immediate needs. From needing assistance with medicine, clothing and hygiene, to obtaining IDs, employment and/or housing, FFOJ is able to network with our sister agencies and "plug in" our brothers and sisters, ensuring these needs can be met and helping them toward their ultimate goal of ending their homelessness.

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